Luma Video Camera Review

Luma camcorder review

By on the 3rd April 2012
Our rating:★★★

“alt =”★””src=”” > “src=””alt =”★”> border =”0″/ >★ ☆ : effective
Universal app – designed for iPhone and iPad

A simple to make but effective strategy for stable video clips.

Developer: Midnox

free of charge
Revised version: 1.6.1
Revised the device: iPhone 4

iPhone-integration review: 3.75 out of 5 stars
User interface rating: 3.75 of 5-star
Reuse the value rating: 3.75 of 5-star

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

An application of free video that promises to stabilize videos? Almost worth directly the download button is clicked without bothering to read this. Finally, there is nothing to lose. Luminance video camera does mostly what promises really too much. Although it lacks some of the more accurate details what exactly a great app should be on waiting times and help.?

with “src=”×480-75-200×300.jpg”alt-=” “title =” mzl.qxxyfqce. 320 x 480-75 “Width =” 200 “Height =” 300 “Style =” float: right; “Display: block;””Padding-left: 10px;” Class = “Alignright Size-Medium wp image 118520″ > key point of sale for Luminance video camera is the stabilization functionality. Works very well. Yet the device at any speed, shake, as expected, it causes uncertainty, acclimatised to subtle milkshakes. On foot, it keeps pretty good it makes it perfect for use during this time. In addition, it provides also for people the mobility problems that lead to their hands and arms shake easily.

This function stabilizing keep a constraint. It expands the image slightly but is really just for the user customize and vice versa a different target.

Other features are the kind that we have come to expect from video production tools. It is possible that the target and the exposure manually, like zoom in the image at the same time, more. Some simple filters can quickly be added to can have a blow on the screen. They are not exceptional, however, are functional and valuable with the rest of the app.

Very well, it holds quite Luminance video camera . It all is simply use what it awe inspiringly is different, but everything works smoothly and effectively. As a replacement for the camp video recording app that populates Luma video camera the room perfect, despite its ability to share directly to Facebook or Twitter. Great rate is nothing, not really to create a difficult decision in terms of when you ‘must buy’.

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Luminance video camera

Universal app – designed for iPhone and iPad
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“href=””title =” “Luma video camera”target =”_blank” > free

Our rating: ★★

“src=””alt =”★”border =”0″/ >★ ☆ : effective”
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