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By on May 8, 2013
Our rating:★★★

“src=””alt =”★”> border =”0″> src=” “alt =”★”border =”0″/ >☆ : creative collages
Universal app – specially designed for iPhone and iPad

Collage tools are not new, but Moldiv makes things interesting with a variety of different options and tools that free makes collage.

Manufacturer: JellyBus

Price: free of charge
Revised version: 1.0
Check in device: iPhone 5

iPhone integration rating: 4-5 star
User interface rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars
Value of reuse review: 4-5 star

Overall rating: 4.08 out of 5 stars

The in-app purchase uncomfortable like a generous list, if on the Moldivlook, but not scare. The free version of Moldiv offers many interesting features to teeth, to sink in, even if you spend some money.

moldiv7 “padding-left: 10px;” class = “alignright size-medium wp-image 174160″ > it is possible many, a large number of collagen to produce the application is good for those who try, a series of photos look a little more exciting to make. Bundled in free, is the selection of 80 different fixed collages, a collage of hand mode and the ability to add pictures to a different type. In any case, all are easy to add photos and edit them medium. In addition to simple manipulation, Moldiv offers many image filters to customize how it an image is displayed, that is mounted in a collage.

The collages are also equally diverse. Although some are very simple, many others are quite crazy and about 9 thumbnails add many different places. Text can once a collage are added to it can with much fondness for the size of text and sources are added.

This diversity is crucial to the success of the Moldiv, because a large number of different mixtures of collage, can produce as few almost every creation unique feel. Smaller effects as shadow application or addition of balloons could not so often as some features used, although the diversity of Moldiv means covers a number of different single applications, as well as its purpose.

Track the completion of many export options, including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, Instagram, Moldiv may be a well-rounded application. Is the only one important request such as in-app purchases had a best price. $0.99 Or $1.99 for additional packages, it would be good if it was possible to buy everything for a fee apartment. Otherwise, things could be quite expensive. Luckily the majority of users is probably happy with all the tools, for free.

designed for iPhone and iPad
Buy now: Free
Published: 2013-04-30: category: photography

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Rise and Swine, Bad Piggies, With 15 New Levels And Replay Recording

Rise and pigs, poor Piggies, 15 new levels and replay recording

Posted by on May 8, 2013 [ link ]

iPhone app – designed for the iPhone, compatible with the use of the iPad

href=”” target = “_blank” > bath Piggies Gets an update and add new tools to use in the search, to get the chocolate cake. Rise and pigs Update adds you new tires, cupping and boxing gloves to spring, which simply through the 15 new levels. The update also offers the possibility to record the repeats with Everyplay, an application that lets you permanently and share your best clips more than 50 games, including Swimming Piggies,to share.

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Me, My Mum And Our Mutual Love Of Apps And Games

If I have to grow, never play the parents of my friends got. Some can be estimated, have his children like to play and they buy have the necessary equipment, but to understand why we are so excited. I was a part of, then, very select group. I had found out parents, perfectly. My father was never a little good in all games but enjoyed, will discuss how I was fascinated by the advance of technology. It was my mother who was a real challenge. In the friendly sense, of course.

bubblebobble src=”” alt = “bubblebobble” width = “600” height = “450” style = “” >
When I was a kid, we have battles to overcome scores of Tetris on the other hand. We compete in games of the columns also meet to work together to progress through Bubble Bobble (than ever before? Beat).

With the more important things, I truly believe one, that I’ve never used a group of parents, to continually support and encourage the advice is presented actually I, to achieve. It continues to this day.

With my father sadly no longer with us, my relationship with my mother is even stronger PC has been before. Freelance after a potentially risky road tracks, since it fully supports it always. If it didn’t by the assumption that money is tight, this month, or make sure that I meet a sandwich at my side in the fight for a strong term. Of course I really same, but Sunday is not about me, this is it!
src=”” alt = “Angrybirds” width = “600” height = “339” style = “text-align: center;” Display: block; “padding: 10px;” Class = “AlignCenter size-full wp image 173916″ >
Crucially, is now only players and enthusiasts of technology. In recent years, he spent a number of 100 hours playing through Dragon Quest VIII around the PlayStation of 2 something that I quite happy with say to other players. Most relevant for the readers of 148apps, perhaps, it is unlocked, and less any amount played two Angry Birds possible, and thus I mean not only standard Angry Birds. I refer to standard, space, Star Wars, stations and River. It is a machine on birds rummage in the direction of pigs.

jenandmumWe have an iPad among us, the fortunately not is too associated with a problem, while but never ends or people, to get to the Apple store to see the new copies. Without a doubt, both know that iPad 2 is a fine device in its own right, but hear no or people who just on the iPad mini size or think, how much iPad quickly like more 4. It now also has an own iPhone, after he received my “old” iPhone 4. It is SpellTower the ideal tool to try with it while in motion, language skills, will be far superior to me.

She not deepened still pretty much in the world of applications. Is recognized because it is overloaded. I think, is because there are always “just one more” level of angry birds to conquer.

I am extremely Lucky not only a mother supports real, but is enthusiastic about the same by me with new technology, equipment, as well as the wonders of the app store.

Mother’s day, MOM. :) [and all to 148apps, also the mother of Jen!-ed.]

Applications using this Post: angry birds, angry birds Rio, angry birds seasonsand angry birds space, href=”″ Target = “_blank” > angry birds Star Wars

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Disney Interactive’s Story Builds A Narrative Using Your Photos and Videos

Disney Interactive builds history a story with photos and videos

Posted by on May 8, 2013 [ link ]

Disney Interactive Announces a new platform for digital storytelling, that makes the photography and video in personal stories. History brings your photos and videos and automatically provided in stories may be willing to share that. The application offers creative freedom and allows you to add subtitles, pages of text, themes and designs in their stories. Once completed, embedded or shared through social media stories on your personal Web site.


Source: history

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Infuse Review

Check infusion

By on May 8, 2013
Our rating:★★★

“src=””alt =”★”> border =”0″> src=” “alt =”★”border =”0″/ >½ : intelligent and beautiful
Universal app – specially designed for iPhone and iPad

Offers many options, to infusing simple videos regardless of their format, all in an attractive outer.

Manufacturer: Firecore
Price: $4.99

Version: 1.2.1
Verified the device: iPad 2 and iPhone 5

the integration of the iOS device rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars
User interface rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Reuse value rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Overall rating: 4.33 out of 5 stars

Some users may continue to strike a specific situational application total and I was wondering just why they want if the integrated application of the video does everything you want. Infusion is for all those, who would first play videos from other sources, without the need for conversion. A few different needs of families, videos want to see an alternative Device people adopted his collection would like to see converted to DVD or Blu-ray, in the movement. Even allow users to display attachments video by email through. Infusion regardless of requirements, is a beautiful and useful app.

infuse1The infusion provides support for many of the most important basics for more than 14 formats: AVi, FLV, MOV, M4V, and OGM. Many audio formats be visited too, such as Dolby Digital Plus increasingly difficult. Infusion is little significant notable slowdown running smoothly, During my time on my iPhone or the iPad to implement.

In any case if it comes, a film or TV program makes everything more attractive penetrate . Users will find the art of the poster, plot, cast, and much by an old-fashioned film interface more about each title. It is easy to make while you capture this information with the application makes a fantastic job. A similar nice touch is how, the application shows a piece of the ticket, that if the user decides to undergo a file.

On the other hand is the jewel in the Crown of the infusion, its support for subtitles. Play a movie or TV show, subtitles along with the application quickly find suitable for him, even if they are not already in the video file. Once added, users have flexibility under how to: change the letter or size, immediately, ensuring , that infusion a fantastic application can be for their hearing problems.

Infusion is not absolutely perfect, not enough AirPlay support and inability to wirelessly transmit files (with the users links to iTunes file-sharing), but is certainly very well underway. For many users with its private collection, $4.99 seem quite the economic implementation, saving time.

src=”” border = “0” width = “100” height = “100” style = “float: left;” Display: block; “Padding-bottom: 10px;”>

Infusion – show the nice way to videos

Universal app – specially designed for iPhone and iPad

Buy now: $4.99
Published: 2013-04-30: category: Entertainment

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Real Boxing Update Adds The Roman Colosseum As A New Arena

Update adds genuine boxes of the Roman Colosseum as a new arena

Posted by on May 8, 2013 [ link ]

Universal app – specially designed for iPhone and iPad

Still, that added a new arena in a “update for” “href=” “target =”_blank”> real boxes. Players are now able to enjoy the location of the Colosseum in Rome, which is available by purchasing the application of.99 cents available. The new stadium is in the single-player mode or learn by challenging friends via game Center available.

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Favorite Four: Vacation Planning Apps

Located in planning a trip for the near future? Lucky, the person you. Many applications forward, to help people on the road you can find but one I take a look at all search four of my favorites a bit with the effort from the experience. Ask in return I sneak to can in a case of someone for their journey. Is not it? Then OK the reading in the village then take advantage!

With the aim of the Swiss army knife of trips, TripDeck , route planner is their bookings of hotels, car rentals, flights, cruises, restaurants and sessions, a place so users manage. Access is already created by details such as billing schedules and information claiming baggage, among other things. Many Phone numbers and maps are concerned also for easy. The best of everything for travellers, with others, often easily, to share this information.

designed for the iPhone, the iPad compatible
Buy now: href = “”= “” title = “” > free “
Posted on: 2009-11-12: category: travel

The packaging is often a much larger task that nobody expected, especially if children or other relatives who are organized. Baggage is a useful application for this task. A very simple application list is based, divided to do the articles in categories to memories of things before you leave, also of the important things that will be packed. Split cases for above in the form of travel is especially useful for regular visits.

list “>src=” “border =”0″width =”100″height =”100″style =” float: left; ” Display: Block; Padding-bottom: 10px; “/ >

Luggage – packing list

iPhone app – designed for the iPhone, compatible with all iPad
Buy now:

Title = “Suitcase – packing list” target = “_blank” >$ 0.99
Published: 2013-02-21: category: travel

Ideal has the other application of packaging a slightly higher price, but has also other users packed, promotion, to find out, presented a series of questions which you need to specify. A list of custom packaging arises some answers, an excellent base provided to users for what you need to do next, as soon as it. It is identical way simply more information, also add.

src=”” border = “0” width = “100” height = “100” style = “float: left;” Display: block; “Padding-bottom: 10px;”>

href=”″ title = “GetPacked: packing list” >

GetPacked: List of packaging

Universal app – specially designed for iPhone and iPad
Buy now: $1.99
Posted on: 2009-06-10: category: travel

If already your target or you went you even find out where you should go, Triposo is often a useful application to consult. It is to do a compilation of free trips to different cities and countries. There is a map for the country, as data from large cities, twists and also a currency converter. It is an amazing place to start, where you can visit with the ideas and places to eat places to stay.

src=”” border = “0” width = “100” height = “100” style = “float: left;” Display: Block; Padding-bottom: 10px; “/ >

Title = “Triposo” >


Universal app – specially designed for iPhone and iPad
Buy now: target = “_blank” > free
Published: 2011-11-04: category: travel

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src=”” height = “1” width = “1” >

CookWizMe Bakes Up A Social Network For Cooks To Share Recipes

CookWizMe bake, a social network for parts of cooks recipes

Posted by on May 8, 2013 [ link ]

iPhone app – designed for the iPhone, the iPad compatible

CookWizMe: kitchen You do recipes Photo is a new application for step, a common food visually share with other chefs allowed. Users have to access a daily recipe makes, constantly offering ideas for meals. In addition, users can follow other people and using them to communicate ideas and issues of cooking.


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Tip Tap Block’em Review

Touch tip to block ‘ em review

By in the 15 June 2012
Our rating:★★

“src=””> src=” “> ALT =”★”border =”0″/ >★ ☆ : invasion of the midnight”
Universal app – specifically designed for iPhone and iPad

Tip touch block ‘ is definitely an attack of the zombie action Pcked you make from the hero as tired.


Price: $2.99
Version of review: 1.00.01
Device revised: IOS 2

Graphics and sound rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars
Game controls rating: 4,35 of 5 stars
Game rating: 3.75 of 5-star
Value of reproduction rating: 3.85 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4.05 out of 5 stars

The last CAPCOM touch tip to block ‘ em, a casual sounds Puzzle game, but it’s all very action-packed zombie dodging, with intelligent, rich graphics and simple, but attractive gameplay. It of $2.99, overvalued, especially since the game is rather short, but also fun.

Nik looks like a nice young man with her red hair shiny and with sleep Cap heart, covered, but he has a problem. He is their marriage want to plan, but every night in different forms and skills put site zombies home. It is your responsibility to combat your insomnia and they, until the dawn, when it really getting in can, sleep on your floor empty.

The most important adventure has three environments: Nick House, a place where one of the unhappy rest as is; and again more recently renovated House prepared for his upcoming wedding.

Style = “float: left;” Display: block; “” “Padding-right: 10px;”Class = “Alignleft size-medium wp image 127180″ item =”IMG_5808″src=”×225.jpg”alt =””Width =”300″height =”225″ > each level Nik is running around your Windows and doors, fix it with some fast beat. ” Started chained doors and Windows to discourage them the zombies, but not for a long time, which is why Nick has to remain vigilant. A yellow glow means a new Zombie has come, while orange and show how close red break.

Each world leads new types of zombies. Some are knitted, lightly holding can, among other multi-eyed anxiety that appear, fiery demons, whose Flammen should be wiped out, and has Cyclops want to be hypnotized before they can be kept from.

Increases the sport by, the way, keep the zombies at Bay, which are becoming increasingly complex. At the top of the limitation of Windows and doors, the nailed Nik zombies address, through walls has Assembly of the parts of the puzzle, or buried them in baskets and deal with metal latches and hinges, takes each there for some time.

“src=”×225.jpg”alt =” “width =”300″height =”225″> definitely is a part of the chaos strategy. Players must which access point is determine ahead in greater danger and the zombies and have more time to transmit.

Controls, when it comes to use, turn, blockade and HARFEN are very sensitive, but always through the space is a pain. Without a doubt is an optional arrow, the Nik 90 degrees can rotate in the direction can both players problems push each window in the approach. It could be much more pleasant and easier, simply click on the entry by the intruder and also Nik goes up.

The adventure itself is short, but complete of each world opens three variations: endless, timekeeper, along with a way to fame. Once won the global game, without a doubt it is an alternative to all play with an increase of difficulty adds replay value.

The graphics are bright and beautiful, the story is fun and the game is fun. The different modes of spice to something up and there are achievements, leaderboards and hidden treasures to discover. Tip touches the block ‘ em a solid selection is often action arcade, if someone does not, however, has to pay a dollar or two more than similar offerings.

“src=””border =”0″width =”100″height =”100″style =” float: left; ” display: block; “padding-bottom: src=” “border =”0″width =”100″height =”100″style =” “>

Tap end block ‘ em

Universal app – designed for iPhone and iPad
Buy now:

target = “_blank” >$ 2.99
Released: 2012-05-30: category: games

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“src=””height =” 1 “Width =” 1 “>”

FREEday 6/15/12 – “I Shall be FREE FREE, FREE of Those Voices Inside Me”

Now I am aware, most of the other games on the list, what it will be blacked out with newer version of Nimblebit, but we all try to keep a clear head. There are five games in this orientation, thought you slower and all have at least at a glance?

Zombie Carnival – I can not say that I never gave much sample to my undead theme park but it is not only a bad idea now, you take this into account. Fortunately, I can try my hand with this instead of abrasives in the Necronomicon curio shops. In addition, you were forced, a small amount of combined measurement and to be found battle of zombies digital compared to the alternative.
Access zombie Carnival here.

He model in a game about running an airline has adapted drawings of Pocket – Nimblebit his earned sensitivities and freemium. It gives virtually no chance with this no significant time sink, and then all that what the we also and just cave could play. Society is by the full period to retrieve current, after all.
href=”″>Greifen flat bag here.

Max Astro: stranded in addition Star – so beautiful as it may seem, the term many alien corpses for climb to the freedom to use kernel is only a little distracting. Of course I like after all things cute and disturbing, so that everything works. If no one wants to use and get this House, no matter, the price for astronaut stranded alien population depends on them.
Keep here maximum Astro.

Top gear: stunt school revolution -Stunt could go pretty even more crazy virtual place, crazy, however, may be in a room the the laws of the Not really be applied to gravity and physics. Hit the wing and the cattle at the top of a car, then ramp at the Grand Canyon may be completely ridiculous but also simply only crazy enough to be impressive.
Access top gear here.

Terrapets – collect impossible creatures is a thing that most iOS people with this point. The same applies to habitats they create. But less that many games combine creature collection, Habitat construction and fighting. So hurray for versatility! And hurray for Monster mistaken designs!
href=”″>Agarra Terrapets here.

Little Wizard – a fantasy-themed City to build and then defend. All of this during the investigation of new spells and collect monster to summon the battles in the future. All that is left is a focus on elements that based the experience spell on the basis of the gesture of the player to affect an approach and casting. What is that? Do to you? ACH. Well, good better then download.
Keep here little Wizard.

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