Plants vs. Zombies FINALLY Gets Zen Garden! Oh, and Some Other Stuff is Being Added, too

It has been a long time. At least his seems disgruntled probably lot of time and energy for all iOS users. Anyway, finally plants vs. zombies received a major upgrade that includes a number of features a large number of really missing (i.e. with a problem taking advantage the absence). Read on for the heart.

You are more Mini games add the already strong list, such as Zombiquarium, portal of struggle and Beghouled twist. Someone familiar between these mini Títulos need to understand that they all Intriquing, remarkable and funny in their own way. Especially Beghouled twist, with its blend of classic zombie in plant and party carnage three puzzles. Fight against the portal is obviously interesting to. The addition of bending of reality gateways, which fire plants across multiple lines across (carefully use zombies approaching not)! some moments of excessive cold.

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A new puzzle game was recorded as I, zombie (who scored an endless mode). Vase breaker is currently the favorite specific , As it takes random distribution ‘Card’ unmarked vases used mines in a variety of other additional and hidden modes in a grid. Some plants, may have some zombies. Players have to play conservatively and intelligent if, are likely to have a chance at the end. And Yes, rather, finally also the Zen Garden of iPad user has included. Boost is finally happy plants, such as our PC counterparts, an option.

There is no mini-all the games, but take over. PopCap has included support for multiple languages (Spanish, French, etc.), also called new pieces by crazy Dave’s shop, as well as the expected performance of game Center. Note: I, some of them, with additional material as a bonus We are closed behind purchases by the coins in the game level zombie and similar. These coins are fairly regularly WINS by simply play modes, so no biggie, but players should note there that they might not in a position, in the middle of the modern, everything immediately to jump. Worst scenarios; reaches the level of the first sample of the particular mode or the nature of the game, and then spend a few rounds do earn enough whatever is, to unlock more levels.

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After this update (4 / 19), the version of iOS morning live from plants vs. zombies is finally the PC equivalent be comparable. For the iPhone and the iPad. Joy, the Users of the iOS partners! Joy and stop by the bellyaching!

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Plants vs. zombies

iPhone app – designed

for the iPhone, which iPad compatible
Buy now: $2.99

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Plants vs. zombies HD

IOS only app – designed for your iPad
Buy now: $6.99
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