The Daily Begins to Make Special Single-Topic Apps to Promote Their Subscription Service

Digital newspaper began as a newspaper for tablets, with the hope of getting users to invest money in a daily digital publication diary of News Corporation. He will continue to try, it works, but it seems, that a new strategy as time goes by will form.

The newspaper was increasing association with some other brands to publish applications that themselves who will serve on a single item or little content, as sponsorship opportunities. The recent angry space bird leader is a part of this drive, but it is usually not the first independent applications that made the newspaper . Special applications have for the start of the NFL season, tips for College football bowl games, in addition to a holiday gadget Guide.

The purpose of these applications are usually not easy to generate income through the Cooperation with sponsors, but also modes to generate flagship daily subscriptions, is help to the name of the newspaper and free apps on the market to potential readers have included than this.

Thus may be the introduction of Guide for the area of the angry birds for iPhone a precursor in the publication by the small screens at any given time to view could help, that the newspaper noble subscription goals , are set for this a few months ago href=””>Sie were well below a level that make the profitable publication.

Listed applications with this post: href=”″ target = “_blank” > College Bowl guide 2011-2012 Guide Gadget, the newspaper, Journal of angry birds room leaders, Journal of angry birds space Guide for the iPhone, the diary of the football guide 2011

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On:A contribution of 148Apps may be the magazine begins to special unique theme apps to promote their subscription service

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