The New iPad: Highlights, News, and Who Should Buy It

I have all three iPads. Every time I felt that there are enough to justify the purchase of the following in the new version added. But another time then, I’m not the average iPad owner. Completely objectively, the brand new iPad not, that the best owners of the iPad 2 buy. But this is the last time that I call it the “new” iPad. Offers us for this kind of confusion in the future. I will so some practice in this post called it third generation IOS purchase.

Review Highlights
First of all, we feel some highlights from the was on the New…the third-generation IOS say.

Nearly everyone had something to say about the visualization of the retina. Read John Gruber ( on the retina called view “Joy”

“Going to the iPad 2 after several hours of reading for the iPad 3 Jarring…what seemed thoughts pretty well before (provided text in older iPads) now looks blurred”.

By Joshua Topolsky from the edge says third generation, IOS, no update is required for everyone, he makes the proposal,

“And if you are you, an original IOS or IOS 2 owner, if you are upgrading must simply study this screen”.

MG Siegler of TechCrunch feels just like I really on the screen

“Seem almost Web pages are shown in a very high-quality glossy magazine is.” Photos look like photos – was printed. “Text is razor sharp and crisp, such as print.”

The retina screen is obviously the point of sale for his third generation IOS. But significant improvements on the iPad 2 LTE chip A5X (with Quad graphics) best cameras, and the memory (1 GB) updated (RAM). The updated memory was confirmed after the announcement by Apple. Apple doesn’t seem to want to, also on the page specifications of iPad memory, speak. Post-PC means apparently rarely mention the intricacies of the hardware. I personally think that twice as much RAM is very important.

Most seem to agree on the complete to update customers and new buyers. The original iPad owners should probably upgrade. New customers should buy in any case 1 / 3 generation iPad. AND 2 is a terribly hard decision for owners of iPad (that they be used, to me).

Topolsky ended with,.

“For owners with

iPad 2, which is not necessarily a mate.” “Although the updated features really are a blessing for the new iPad, does no experience that significantly different in the previous version.”

But mg Siegler seemed a little more inclined to ensure that users of IOS 2 Lttle,.

“If a IOS 2 can have, is a harder call because it still seems, wish that you almost, that iPad the new.” You try, you either never update (or $399 for the iPad now invest 16 GB 2), once again, the brand new iPad just as if you

were Medusa, when in an Apple retail store. Do. No view. “A. it”.

I go even further than Siegler. Also not a look to compare photos from the iPad 2 in the third-generation iPad. Thats what me addicted. I don’t regret making the purchase at all. The screen is absolutely beautiful. But also for someone seeking resist, protect your eyes.

Praise and problems
I summarize the installation of praise and topics that have their hands in news around the third generation IOS recently to put up.

Let’s start with some praise. Gary Heiting, editor of the About the vision, and an ophthalmologist says the retina display on the IOS helps to ease the burden on care look at a screen for long periods of time.

“An important factor for so called computer vision syndrome, or perhaps the Visual fatigue is PantallaNo resolutions is only a matter of joy or aesthetic problem, but is definitely a matter of comfort”

“visual, with the time”

I have definitely experience a simpler reading. Never had big eyes a problem of tension. But the pressure difference was quite remarkable that I feel safe because Statement.

Some other problems that may be encountered are heat and strain. Some have created a larger front the problems of heat than others. But the lower rows are the new iPad you can and heat with a temperature warmer than its predecessor. It will start not fire, you’re going to melt not, however is to feel a little warmer during the games (bottom-left corner of my experience). I do not demand the unpleasant heat. Barely noticeable.

On the problems of loading, with the idea, common sense is many. Considering that the third generation iPad charger one (only the two previous iPads) can charger 10W regardless of third generation makes iPad more for processor and Retina screen requires no charge while it is enabled by situations. You want during the game or use intensive applications by makes loading the iPad longer and still diminishing could take. In General, I have found, to get through a day of using heavier at full load of the iPad. To achieve all this, simply make sure that the iPad the night is fully charged before use.

My last words are 2 for owners of iPad (everyone has a pretty simple decision:)) (buy). If the game is important to buy it. Is it important to take pictures or videos, to buy it. HD fanatics, buy it. If your reading experience is really important, to buy it. Otherwise, continue with the IOS 2.

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